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Running is by definition the fastest means for an animal to move on foot. It is defined in sporting terms as a gait in which at some point all feet are off the ground at the same time.

Running is a form of aerobic exercise.



Jogging is a type of slow running that was previously called "roadwork" when athletes in training, such as boxers, customarily ran several miles each day as part of their conditioning. In the 1960s or 1970s the word "roadwork" was mostly supplanted by the word "jogging" and this form of running became quite popular among many people at that time in the United States. Jogging eventually fell somewhat from favor as it is a "high-impact" exercise that places strain on the body, notably the joints of the knee. This is actually one of the basic reasons for doing the exercise, as the impact drives growth processes in the body, but many dropped jogging in order to take up "low-impact" exercises such as stair climbing .

Competitive running

Perhaps the most basic of athletic contests, running races are simply contests to determine which of the competitors is able to run a certain distance fastest. Today, competitive running events make up the core of the sport of athletics.

Running competitions have probably existed for most of humanity's history, and were a key part of the ancient Greek Olympics, as well as the modern Olympic games.

Running events are usually grouped into several classes, each requiring substantially different athletic strengths and involving different tactics, training methods, and types of competitors.

Running injuries

There are many injuries associated with running (due to being an high impact activity). Common injuries are "runner's knee" (pain in the knee), shin splints , pulled muscles (especially the hamstring), "jogger's nipple" (soreness of the Censored page due to friction), and twisted ankles.

Generally these can be minimized by warming up beforehand and wearing proper running shoes.

Types of running events

Classification of running by distance

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