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Rock may refer to:

  • Rock, a geologic substance composed of minerals
  • Rock, short for Rock and Roll music
  • Rock, a small offshore islet with minimal soil
  • Rock, a confectionery made and sold in many of the UK's seaside holiday resorts
  • Rock candy, a type of confectionery composed of large sugar crystals
  • Rock, a slang term for a jewel, usually understood to be a diamond
  • Rock, a slang term for the drug cocaine
  • ROCK, a Linux distribution build kit
  • Rock, the main character of the main Mega Man series before his transformation into "Mega Man".
  • Rock, a dark young boy who is a recurrent character of Osamu Tezuka's mangas.
  • Rocks, an album by Aerosmith

People named Rock include:

The Rock may refer to:

  • The Rock, slang for Newfoundland, Canada
  • The Rock, slang for Alcatraz, a federal prison in San Francisco Bay
  • The Rock, a 1996 motion picture about the prison
  • The Rock, a nickname for Gibraltar
  • The Rock, a professional wrestler and actor
  • The Rock, nickname of The Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad

Rock may also refer to:

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