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Rivers Cuomo

Rivers Cuomo (born June 13, 1970, New York City, New York) is a singer, songwriter and guitarist for the band Weezer. He was born in a New York City hospital, and raised on a Hindu ashram (run by the late guru Sri Swami Satchidananda) in Northeastern Connecticut. Cuomo's parents decided to stay in Conneticut when the ashram (known as Yogaville) was relocated to a plot of land along the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Rivers attended and graduated from E. O. Smith High School in Storrs.

Cuomo, who at the time went by his real name; Peter Kitts, formed a progressive metal band known as Avant Garde, and played several shows in Connecticut. He moved with the band to Los Angeles in March 1989; Avant Garde changed its name to Zoom, which dissolved in the late spring of 1990. After a series of musical projects in L.A., Cuomo formed Weezer on February 14, 1992 with bandmates Pat Wilson, Matt Sharp, and Jason Cropper. Jason Cropper left the band during recording on their first album. Fan Favourite Brian Bell joined in his place.

Weezer signed with DGC, a music publisher of Geffen Records, on June 25, 1993. They began recording their first album, Weezer (also known as The Blue Album), in August, 1993.

During the spring of 1995, Cuomo had surgery on his right leg to correct a condition where one of his legs was longer than the other. The operation eventually corrected his height after months of painful rehabilitation.

Cuomo started college at Harvard University as an undergraduate in 1995, studying English, but eventually switched majors and dropped out two semesters short of graduation. In the fall of 2004, he re-enrolled at Harvard to complete his degree.


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