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  • A resident is a person who lives in a particular place permanently, or for an extended period of time, i.e. who maintains a residence or a domicile in that place.
  • A resident alien is a person who is living in a particular foreign country for an extended period of time under authority or color of law as opposed to a tourist who is visiting the country without the intent to establish a residence in that country.
  • A KGB-resident was the head of mission in a particular country, albeit usually officially assigned to a relatively subordinate diplomatic position.
  • In British constitutional thought a Resident represents British interests/manages British affairs in those territories where Britain does not have sovereignty. He can also act as a de facto advisor or premier to the local sovereign in such situations (e g British Residency in British Malaya ). A Resident–General is a resident with control over lesser Residents or a Resident with a particularly important commission.
  • A resident bird or animal is one that does not migrate, but stays in the same location throughout the area.

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