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See rayon for the textile made of processed cellulose.

A raion (or rayon) (Russian and Ukrainian: райо́н; Belarusian раён), is a subnational entity of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Latvia, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and the former Soviet Union.

A raion is usually an entity two steps below the national level. It can be a subordinate part:

Raion can be best translated as "district".

Raions in Russian Federation

Subdivision into raions largely remained after the collapse of the Soviet Union. However in many places the terminology changed, to reflect national specifics (the list may be incomplete):

  • Republic of Karelia—raions are used together with national districts (национальные районы) and volosts (волости). All three types are considered to be on the same administrative level, with national districts and volosts covering areas which are more ethnic in population.
  • Sakha (Yakutia) Republiculuses (улусы).
  • Tuva Republickozhuuns (кожууны).

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