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Public holidays in South Korea

Public holidays in South Korea

Date English Name Local Name Remarks
Romanized Hangul
January 1 New Year's Day      
1st month, 1st day of the Lunar Calendar Lunar New Year's Day Seollal 설날 Usually in early February; three-day consecutive holidays
March 1 Independence Movement Day Samil Jeol 3.1절 To commemorate March 1st Movement, a nation-wide independence movement which took place in 1919 in protest against Japan's colonisation
April 5 Arbor Day Singmogil 식목일  
May 5 Children's Day Eorininal 어린이날  
April 8 (Lunar) Buddha's Birthday Bucheonim Osinnal 부처님
Usually in late May
June 6 Memorial Day Hyeonchung-il 현충일  
July 17 Constitution Day Jehyeonjeol 제현절 The first Constitution proclaimed in 1948
August 15 Indepedence Day Gwangbokjeol 광복절 Independence from Japanese Colonisation in 1945
August 15 (Lunar) Thanks Giving Day Chuseok 추석 Usually in late September; three-day consecutive holidays
October 3 National Foundation Day Gaecheonjeol 개천절 "Festival of the Opening of Heaven" (See Dangun.)
December 25 Christmas      

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