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Portrush (Port Rois in Irish) is a town in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, beside the border with County Londonderry.

Attractions in the seaside resort, next to Portstewart, include a fairground, Portrush Countryside Centre , the Dunluce Centre and a swimming complex. Also in the town is the renowned Royal Portrush Golf Club and a sandy beach.

It is a base for two lifeboats of the RNLI, which has operated out of Portrush Harbour since 1860.

In August 1976, the Irish Republican Army carried out six bomb attacks in the town, which destroyed several buildings - including parts of the main street - but caused no deaths, thanks to telephoned warnings.

In the off-season, Portrush is a dormitory town for the nearby campus of the University of Ulster at Coleraine.

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