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Pope Callixtus II

Callixtus II, né Guido of Vienne (d. December 13, 1124), was elected Pope on February 2, 1119, after the death of Gelasius II. In 1122 he concluded with the Emperor Henry V the important treaty of Metz, by which the mutual rights of the church and the empire were definitely settled. He died in December 1124.

Son of Count William of Burgundy.

1088 Became archbishop of Vienne: a reforming ecclesiastic. He had strong views on the Investiture Crisis, but as Pope was willing to negotiate with Emperor Henry III.

In 1120 dealt with Antipope Gregory VIII.

On 23 September 1122 the Concordat of Worms was agreed upon, the papal negotiators including the future Honorius II.

March 1123 First Lateran Council (also known as the Ninth General Council ) held.

Preceded by
Gelasius II
Succeeded by
Honorius II


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