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Philippa of Hainault

Philippa of Hainault (~1314 - August 15, 1369) was the Queen consort of Edward III of England.

Philippa was born in Flanders (modern Belgium) and was the daughter of William III, Count of Hainaut and Jeanne de Valois , the grandaughter of Philip III of France. She married Edward at York Minster, on October, 1327, nine months after his accession to the English throne and, unlike many of her predecessors, she did not alienate the English people by retaining her foreign retinue upon her marriage or bringing large amounts of foreigners to the English court.

Philippa accompanied Edward on his expeditions to Scotland (1333) and Flanders (1338-40), where she won acclaim for her gentleness and compassion. She is also remembered by history as the tender-hearted woman, who interceded with her husband and persuaded him to spare the lives of the Burghers of Calais whom he had planned to execute as an example to the townspeople.

Philippa and Edward had thirteen children, including five sons who lived into adulthood and whose rivalry would eventually bring about the long-running civil wars known as the Wars of the Roses. Their sons are listed below:

They also had several daughters.

Philippa died of dropsy in Windsor Castle, and was buried at Westminster Abbey.

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