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Philip III of Macedon

Philip III (Arrhidaeus) (c. 359 BC - December 25, 317 BC), king of Macedonia (June 10, 323 BC - December 25, 317 BC), was the feeble-minded son of Philip II of Macedonia by Philinna of Larissa, a Thessalian wife, and half-brother of Alexander the Great

After his brother's death on June 10, 323 BC he was chosen by the Macedonian army at Babylon to be king, and later that year he was joined in the throne by his nephew, the infant Alexander IV of Macedon. Both nominal kings were put under the protection of a series of regents. Easily influenced, he got involved in a series of conflicts within the Macedonian Royal Court and was eventually killed by order of Olympias (317 BC).

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Preceded by:
Alexander III
King of Macedon Succeeded by:
Alexander IV
King of Persia
Pharaoh of Egypt
King of Asia

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