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Peripheries of Greece

The peripheries (περιφέρειες) are the subnational subdivisions of Greece. There are 13 peripheries (nine on the mainland and four island groups), which are further subdivided into 51 prefectures of Greece.

  1. Attica
  2. Central Greece
  3. Central Macedonia
  4. Crete
  5. East Macedonia and Thrace
  6. Epirus
  7. Ionian Islands
  8. North Aegean
  9. Peloponnesos
  10. South Aegean
  11. Thessaly
  12. West Greece
  13. West Macedonia

Map showing Peripheries of Greece

In addition to these there is one autonomous region, Mount Athos (Ayion Oros, or "Holy Mountain"), a monastic state under Greek sovereignty. It is located on the easternmost of the three large peninsulas jutting into the Aegean from Central Macedonia periphery.

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