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A panicle is a compound raceme; a branched, indeterminate inflorescence with pedicellate flowers (and fruit) attached along the secondary branches (in another words, a branched cluster of flowers in which the branches are racemes). This type of inflorescence is found in such plants as oat, pistachio, and mamoncillo. Note that botanists use the term paniculate in two ways: "having a true panicle type of inflorescence" as well as "having an inflorescence with the form but not necessarily the structure of a panicle".

A corymb is similar to a panicle with the same branching structure, but with the lower flowers having longer stems, thus giving a flattish top superficially resembling an umbel . Many species in the Maloideae, such as hawthorns and rowans, produce their flowers in corymbs.

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