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Orgazmo is a 1997 movie by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the television program South Park.

The plot of this comedy revolves around mild-mannered Mormon missionary Joe Young (Parker), who gets talked into starring in a pornographic movie. He agrees to star in the movie in order to earn enough money to marry his fiancée in a temple.

In the movie-within-the-movie, he plays a superhero named "Orgazmo" who fights crime (with his sidekick "Choda Boy", played by Dian Bachar ) using his ability to make anyone climax with his "Orgazmorator". The film goes on to be a smash hit, and the producer of the film is quickly corrupted into trying to exploit the missionary. The Mormon then decides to fight back using a real orgazmorator invented by his friend, and actually gains the powers his character purportedly had. He uses these powers to bring down the corrupt film-maker and reunite himself with his fiancée.


The film was actually finished in 1996 but wasn't released until after the success of South Park because Parker and Stone couldn't get any studio to distribute it.

In his initial run-in with the porn producers, Parker's character Joe Young uses martial arts to defeat them. In reality, Parker has a black belt in tae kwon do.

Parker was disappointed with the NC-17 rating this movie received, knowing that such a rating usually means box-office death. So he worked hard to remove any content that he thought could be found offensive (despite the theme of the movie, the original version contained almost no nudity). According to MPAA guidelines, the reviewers cannot disclose why a movie is given a certain rating, since that would border on censorship, so Parker was left to guess. He kept cutting and resubmitting it, even removing the one instance of partial nudity (a man's buttocks), but it kept getting an NC-17 rating. Disgusted with the whole process, he re-added all of the content he had cut and let the film be distributed with the NC-17 rating. Many speculate that the movie got the NC-17 rating because all of the superhero's weapons resembled sex toys. Since these were integral to the movie, Parker hadn't edited out their depiction in any of his cuts.

The plot of the movie revolves around the missionary, Joe Young, trying to earn enough money to marry his fiancée in a Mormon temple. In reality, it doesn't cost anything to be married in an LDS temple.

In an interview regarding the movie, Parker was asked "Have you known any Mormons in your own life?" Parker answered:

"I grew up in Colorado, so we had a lot of Mormons that we went to school with. Actually, my first girlfriend was Mormon. Every Mormon I've ever met is a great person, and to me this was a great character—I didn't go out of my way to make him give up his religion, like Joe's been stupid all this time. He remains a Mormon, he wins, he destroys evil, and stays a Mormon. The Mormons win."

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