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Bedwetting (or enuresis) is involuntary urination while asleep in bed. It is the normal state of affairs in infancy, but can be a source of embarrassment when it persists into school age or beyond.

Primary Enuresis is when the child has never been dry at night or has wet the bed twice a week for more than three months. Secondary Enuresis occurs when a child goes through a period of dryness and begins to experience night-time wetness again.

One prescription drug used to treat bedwetting in older individuals is Imipramine, which is also a very mild antidepressant.

There is considerable debate among parents whether or not to use absorbent products such as diapers or other products like Huggies' GoodNites . Many believe the use of these products may contribute to the development of a fetish for diapers known as infantilism or regression. The belief is not substantiated. Experts agree it is the parents' attitude towards bedwetting that will determine the child's willingness to help control it.

Psychologists and experts recommend the use of night-time training devices such as a bedwetting alarm to help condition the child to wake up at the sensation of moisture. By actively including the child, instead of waking them up several times at night, the child learns to recognize the sensation of a full bladder.

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