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Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt

History of Ancient Egypt, Nineteenth Dynasty

Name Dates (BC)
Ramesses I 1293-1291
Seti I 1291-1278
Ramesses II the Great 1279-1212
Merneptah 1212-1202
Amenemses 1202-1199
Seti II 1199-1193
Merneptah Siptah 1193-1187
Twosret 1187-1185

The Nineteenth Dynasty was founded by the soldier Ramesses I, to whom Pharoah Horemheb willed the throne. This period is best known for its military conquests in modern Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. At least as early as Josephus, it was believed that Moses lived during the reign of Ramesses II.

This dynasty came to an end because of internal fighting between the heirs of Merneptah Siptah for the throne. At one point his chief wife Twosret ruled, but she proved unable to control the internal fighting.

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