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Narbonne (Narbona in Occitan) (population 50,000) is a city of southwestern France, in the Aude département, of which it is a sous-préfecture. It is located next to the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and by the Aude River.


Modern-day Narbonne was the first Roman colony outside of Italy. It was established in Gaul in 118 BC, as Colonia Narbo Martius. It was located on the via Domitia, the first Roman road in Gaul, built at the time of the foundation of the colony, and connecting Italy to Spain. At Narbonne, the via Domitia connected to the via Aquitania, which lead toward the Atlantic across Toulouse and Bordeaux.

Later, the provincia of southern Gaul was named "Gallia Narbonensis", after the city, and Narbonne was made its capital. Seat of a powerful administration, the city enjoyed economic and architectural expansion.

It was then the capital of the Visigoth province of Septimania, until the 8th century.


  • Saint-Just cathedral
  • The Roman Horreum, grain warehouse, built underground as a cryptoporticus
  • Remains of the via Domitia in the city center

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