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Nanchang () is the capital of Jiangxi Province in southeastern China.


The GDP per capita was 18388 (ca. US$2220) in 2003, ranked no. 81 among 659 Chinese cities.

The Ford Motor Company has a plant in Nanchang, assembling the Ford Transit van as part of the Jiangling Motor joint venture.


In the early Han Dynasty (201 BC), a city called Guan (灌) was constructed.

In 589 AD (Sui Dynasty), it was renamed Hongzhou (洪州), and eventually Nanchang.

In the early Tang Dynasty (653 AD), Li Yuanying, the brother of the Emperor Taizong, constructed a building called Tengwang Ge (滕王阁), now a famous tourist site.

In 675 AD, the twenty-five-year-old Wang Bo (王勃) wrote the classic “Tengwang Ge Xu ”. The building as well as the city became celebrated for Wang’s introduction article.

Nonetheless, the building experienced 28 cycles of destructions and reconstructions. In 1926, it was burned down for the last time. In 1989, Tengwang Ge was resurrected to a new height of 57 m, presumably according to the design of Song Dynasty.

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Colleges and Universities


  • Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics (江西财经大学) (founded 1923)
  • Nanchang University (南昌大学)
  • Jiangxi Normal Unversity (江西师范大学)
  • Jiangxi Agricultural University (江西农业大学)
  • East China Jiaotong University (华东交通大学)
  • Nanchang Institute of Aeronautical Technology (南昌航空工业学院)
  • Jiangxi TCM Institute (江西中医学院)

Note: Institutions without full-time bachelor programs are not listed.

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