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Flag of Montserrat Coat of arms of Montserrat
(In Detail)
National motto:
Each Endeavouring, All Achieving
Official language English
Political status Non-sovereign, Overseas territory of the U.K
Capital Plymouth (now uninhabited)
Governor Deborah Barnes Jones
Chief Minister John Osborne
  - Total
  - % water
Ranked n/a
91 km²
  - Total (2003)
  - Density
Ranked n/a
  - 9,000
  - 102/km²
Currency East Caribbean dollar
Time zone UTC -4
National anthem God Save the Queen
Internet TLD .ms
Calling Code 1-664

Montserrat is an island in the Caribbean Sea, named after the mountain of the same name (located near Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain see Montserrat (mountain)) by Christopher Columbus in 1493.

Montserrat is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom.

It was formerly the home of a branch of George Martin's AIR Studios (and other amenities) that made the island popular with working and vacationing musicians and other celebrities.

Montserrat is a full & participating member of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM).

Much of this island was devastated and two-thirds of the population fled abroad due to the eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano that began on July 18, 1995. Volcanic eruptions have continued, making large parts of the island uninhabitable .

Military branches: no regular indigenous military forces; Police Force

Military - note: defence is the responsibility of the UK

Map of Montserrat

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