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Military history

Military history is the recording (in writing or otherwise) of the events in the history of humanity that fall within the category of "conflict". This may range from a dispute between two tribes that come to blow over a plot of land, to a world war.

It differs somewhat from the history of war with military history focusing on the people and institutions of warmaking while the history of war focuses on the evolution of war itself in the face of changing technology, governments, and geography.


Purpose of military history

Military history has a number of purposes. One main purpose is to learn to fight and prevent wars more effectively. Another is to create a sense of tradition which is used to create cohesive military forces.

Types of warfare

There are a number of ways to categorize warfare. One categorization is conventional versus unconventional, where "Conventional" warfare involves well-identified, armed forces fighting one another in a relatively open and straightforward way without weapons of mass destruction. "Unconventional" refers to other types of war which can involve raiding, guerrilla, insurgency, and terrorist tactics or alternatively can include nuclear, chemical, or biological warfare.

See also: asymmetrical warfare.

Military unit types by era



See also: Medieval warfare.


Classified by region

Classified by region and era

Reporting of military events

Miscellaneous military history

  • Equipment
  • Organisation
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Training
  • Logistics
  • Military intelligence

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