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Mary is a popular name worldwide, and the most popular name for a female in the United States. During the 1990 US Census, approximately 2.629% of females counted had the first name Mary.

There have been a number of important women who have gone by the name Mary:

Biblical Marys:

Historical Marys:

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Mary is Miriam in the Hebrew language.

In Japanese, Mari means, "eternal truth".


In 1905, George M. Cohan wrote a song called "Mary" [1] which ended:

For it is Mary, Mary,
Plain as any name can be
But with propriety,
Society will say Marie
But it was Mary, Mary,
Long before the fashions came
And there is something
There that sounds so fair,
It's a grand old name

Gay slang

Mary is slang in some gay communities for a male homosexual.

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