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Marines is the name of a commune in the département of Val d'Oise, France.

Science Fiction Marines

Sea terms and naval usage

Marine is a general term for things relating to the ocean, as with Marine biology, Marine geology , and as a term for a navy, etc.

The Royal Netherlands Navy is called the Koninklijke Marine in Dutch, not to be confused with the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps (also called Dutch Marine Corps, in Dutch Korps Mariniers), which is part of it.

The Royal Norwegian Navy is called Den Kongelige Norske Marine in Norwegian.

The French Navy is called the Marine Nationale.

The Deutsche Marine is the modern German Navy.

Naval infantry

Marines are naval infantry, specialising in fighting on ships and conducting amphibious assaults. Marines are usually a branch of a country's navy, often designated a corps rather than a service. Note that some countries do not differentiate branches of their armed forces, as Israeli Defense Forces, Canadian Armed Forces.

See also

  • Corps of Colonial Marines - Formed by the British during the mid 1840s to serve in the remaining British America colonies (mainly the West Indies), The Colonial Marines were controlled by the Royal Marines as an auxiliary force. Initially recruited from freed or escaped slaves from the United States and later from local inhabitants, these units were either disbanded or absorbed by the West Indies Regiment .
  • French Marines; two types of French Marines exist,
  1. French Army units which were formerly titled Colonial Troops and were army troops who wore an anchor patch and served overseas, but were the responsibility of the French Navy for administration. Nowadays, Marine troops consist Marine Infantry (Infanterie de Marine), Marine Artillery (Artillerie de Marine), Marine Armor (Chars de Marine). Marine troops wear an anchor patch.
  2. The Naval Fusiliers who protected naval bases and served on capital ships. Currently the Naval Fusiliers (FUSMAR or fusiliers marine) consists of 14 Companies of Fusiliers and a small commando battalion (FUSCO, or fusiliers/commandos).

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