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Lyrics are the written words in a song. Lyrics can be written during composition of a song or after the accompanying music is composed. Sometimes, however, music is adapted to or written for a song or poem that has already been written.

Not all lyrics generally make sense or are even intelligible. This has long been a complaint about the work of rock and roll lyricists, although it doesn't pertain only to that genre of music.

From the Greek, a lyric is a song sung with a lyre. Now, it is commonly used to mean a song of no defined length or structure. A lyric poem is one that expresses a subjective, personal point of view.

 I would be the Lyric
 Ever on the lip,
 Rather than the Epic
 Memory lets slip.
   —Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Chinese lyrics (詞) are Chinese poems written in the set metrical and tonal pattern of a particular song.

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