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List of youngsters in history

This is an chronological List of youngsters in history. Teenager is here used in the sense of a person 13-19 years old, and children between 4 and 12 years. Babies are considered until 4 years old. Persons are eligible for this list if:

  • they died before the referred age
  • they gave their contribution to history before the referred age

List of fetuses

  • The unborn fetus fathered by King Charles IV of France, was important only before birth. Charles IV died on 1 February 1328, leaving a daughter Marie, and a pregnant wife. If the fetus were male, he would already be king in utero; if female, the throne would pass to Philippe VI of France. On 1 April 1328 Blanche was born, ending her importance to history.

List of babies

List of children

List of teenagers

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