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List of television spin-offs

A spin-off in television is a new series which contains either characters or theme elements from an old series. They are particularly common in situation comedy.

Television spin-offs come in several variations, including:

  • A supporting character or characters in an existing series is given their own show in which they become the main focus. The original series continues and there may be some crossover of characters between the shows on occasion (e.g. Rhoda from The Mary Tyler Moore Show).
  • New characters are specially incorporated into an existing series for the sole purpose of being launched into their own show that will feature no regular characters from the original series, except possibly as guest appearances (e.g. Empty Nest from The Golden Girls).
  • Regular characters from a series continue in their own series after the original series ends (e.g. George and Mildred and Robin's Nest from Man About the House; Frasier from Cheers). This is usually done with the same actors, though not always (e.g. Trapper John, M.D.).
  • A new series is started with the same theme as an existing series, though not necessarily with the same characters. Examples of this type are the Star Trek, Law & Order, and CSI series. These are sometimes called franchises.

Many, if not all spinoffs, are produced by some of the original producers of the root show.

List of spin-offs

  • From Baywatch
    • Baywatch Hawaii
    • Baywatch Nights
  • From The Bill
    • Murder Investigation Team

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