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List of religions


Religions, sects and denominations

Note that the classification hereunder is only one of several possible. This system uses a filter system for categorization. A group will be listed in a category as close to the top of the page as the definitions for the category allow. Even if multiple definitions are applicable a religion will only be listed once. The definition of religion for this page is fairly liberal.

A discussion of the ways in which "major religions" have historically been separated from the list of all religions can be found in the article Major world religions.

Abrahamic religions

Believers in One God also called classical monotheism.

Dharmic religions

Religions with a concept of Dharma, also major religions of historical India

Other revealed religions

These are broadly similar to Abrahamic religions in scope and nature, but follow a separate history of prophesy and belief

Indigenous religions

The orally transmitted canon of indigenous peoples, many involving some variant of animism and most defunct

Neopagan or revival religions

Modern religions seeking to recreate indigenous, usually pre-Christian, beliefs and practices

Non-revealed religions

Philosophies not transmitted by a divine prophet

Suitheistic religions

Religions which value the spiritual advancement of the self over other goals

Syncretic religions

Faiths created from blending earlier religions or that consider all or some religions to be essentially the same

Entheogen religions

Religions based around divinely inspiring substances

New Religious Movements

Religions founded since 1850 with small followings

Parody or mock religions

Groups that poke fun at other religions or religion in general

Fictional religions

See List of fictional religions

Forms of religion

Nonsectarian and trans-sectarian religious movements and practices



Magic (religion)


Organizations promoting Ecumenism

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