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List of publications in statistics

This is a list of important publications in statistics, organized by field.

Some reasons why a particular publication might be regarded as important:

  • Topic creator - A publication that created a new topic
  • Breakthrough - A publication that changed scientific knowledge significantly
  • Introduction - A publication that is a good introduction or survey of a topic
  • Impact - A publication which had a major impact on the world or on the research
  • Latest and greatest - The current most advanced result in a topic



The Doctrine of Chances

Author: Abraham de Moivre
Publication data: 1738 (2nd ed.)
Online version: ?
Description: The book introduced the concept of normal distributions as approximations to binomial distributions. In effect, de Moivre proved a weak version of the central limit theorem. Sometimes his result is called the theorem of de Moivre-Laplace.
Importance: Topic creator, Breakthrough, Impact

Bayesian statistics

An Essay Toward Solving a Problem in the Doctrine of Chances

Author: Thomas Bayes
Publication data: 1764
Online version: [1] (PostScript file); [2] (PDF file)
Description: In this paper Bayes addresses the problem of using a sequence of identical "trials" to determine the per-trial probability of "success" — the so-called inverse probability problem. It later inspired the theorem that bears his name (Bayes' theorem). See also Pierre Simon de Laplace.
Importance: Topic creator, Breakthrough, Impact

Applied statistics

Analysis of variance

Extreme value theory

Regression analysis

Machine learning

Multivariate statistics

Statistical phenomena

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