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List of popes

This is a list of Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. The term "Pope" (Latin: papa "father'") is used in several churches to denote their high spiritual leaders. This title is used exclusively in Western Europe and the Latin-rite church by the supreme head of the Roman Catholic Church. The title itself was officially used from the tenure of Pope Siricius. The pope also bears the spiritual titles Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Patriarch of the West, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province and Servant of the Servants of God. The pope's temporal title since 1929 is Sovereign in the State of the Vatican City (Holy See). There have been either 265 or 266 popes, depending on whether a source counts Stephen II.


List of popes

until 249

Pontificate Common Name Regnal Name Personal Name Note
32 to 67 Saint Peter Petrus, Head of the Church Simon Peter
שמעון בן יונה
(Shimon ben Yona)
Shimon Kipha
(Simeon Kephas)
Disciple of Jesus from whom, according to , he received the keys to the kingdom of heaven.
post42/ante57 to 64/67(?) Petrus, Episcopus Romanus Executed by crucifixion upside-down; feast day (SS Peter & Paul ) 29 June, (Chair of Peter ) 22 February
64/67(?) to 76/79(?) Saint Linus
Pope Saint Linus
Linus, Episcopus Romanus   Traditionally martyred (no evidence); Feast day 23 September
76/79(?) to 88 Saint Cletus
Saint Anacletus
Pope Saint Anacletus
Cletus, Episcopus Romanus   Martyred; feast day 26 April
88/92 to 97/101 Pope Clement I
Pope Saint Clement
Clemens, Episcopus Romanus   Martyred; feast day 23 November
97/99 to 105/107 Pope Evaristus
Pope Saint Evaristus
Evaristus, Episcopus Romanus   Traditionally martyred (no evidence); feast day 26 October
105/107 to 115/116 Pope Alexander I
Pope Saint Alexander
Alexander, Episcopus Romanus    
115/116 to 125 Pope Sixtus I
Pope Saint Sixtus
Xystus, Episcopus Romanus    
125 to 136/138 Pope Telesphorus
Pope Saint Telesphorus
Telesphorus, Episcopus Romanus    
136/138 to 140/142 Pope Hyginus
Pope Saint Hyginus
Hyginus, Episcopus Romanus   Traditionally martyred (no evidence); feast day 11 January
140/142 to 155 Pope Pius I
Pope Saint Pius
Pius, Episcopus Romanus   Martyred by sword; feast day 11 July
155 to 166 Pope Anicetus
Pope Saint Anicetus
Anicetus, Episcopus Romanus   Traditionally martyred (no evidence); feast day 17 April
c.166 to 174/175 Pope Soter
Pope Saint Soter
Soterius, Episcopus Romanus   Traditionally martyred; feast day 22 April
174/175 to 189 Pope Eleuterus
Pope Saint Eleutherus
Eleutherius, Episcopus Romanus   Traditionally martyred; feast day 6 May
189 to 198/199 Pope Victor I
Pope Saint Victor
Victor, Episcopus Romanus    
199 to 217 Pope Zephyrinus
Pope Saint Zephyrin
Zephyrinus, Episcopus Romanus    
c.217 to 222/223 Pope Calixtus I
Pope Saint Calixtus
Callistus, Episcopus Romanus   Martyred; feast day 14 October
222/223 to 230 Pope Urban I
Pope Saint Urban
Urbanus, Episcopus Romanus    
21 July 230 to 28 September 235 Pope Pontian
Pope Saint Pontian
Pontianus, Episcopus Romanus    
235 to 3 January 236 Pope Anterus
Pope Saint Anterus
Anterus, Episcopus Romanus    
10 January 236 to 20 January 250 Pope Fabian
Pope Saint Fabian
Fabianus, Episcopus Romanus    

From 250

Pontificate Common Name Regnal Name Personal Name Notes
March/April 251 to June 253 Pope Cornelius
Pope Saint Cornelius
Cornelius, Episcopus Romanus   Died a martyr, through extreme hardship; feast day 16 September
25 June 253 to 5 March 254 Pope Lucius I
Pope Saint Lucius
Lucius, Episcopus Romanus   Feast day 4 March
12 May 254 to 2 August 257 Pope Stephen I
Pope Saint Stephen
Stephanus, Episcopus Romanus   Martyred by beheading; feast day 2 August
30/31 August 257 to 6 August 258 Pope Sixtus II
Pope Saint Syxtus II
Xystus Secundus, Episcopus Romanus   Martyred by beheading
22 July 259 to 26 December 268 Pope Dionysius
Pope Saint Dionysius
Dionysius, Episcopus Romanus   Feast day 26 December
5 January 269 to 30 December 274 Pope Felix I
Pope Saint Felix
Felix, Episcopus Romanus    
4 January 275 to December 283 Pope Eutychian
Pope Saint Eutychian
Eutychianus, Episcopus Romanus    
17 December 283 to 22 April 296 Pope Caius
Pope Saint Caius
Caius, Episcopus Romanus    
296 to 304 Pope Marcellinus
Pope Saint Marcellinus
Marcellinus, Episcopus Romanus    
308 to 309 Pope Marcellus I
Pope Saint Marcellus
Marcellus, Episcopus Romanus    
c.309 to c.310 Pope Eusebius
Pope Saint Eusebius
Eusebius, Episcopus Romanus    
2 July 311 to 11 January 314 Pope Miltiades
Pope Saint Miltiades
Miltiades, Episcopus Romanus    
31 January 314 to 31 December 335 Pope Silvester I
Pope Saint Silvester
Silvester, Episcopus Romanus    
18 January 336 to 7 October 336 Pope Marcus
Pope Saint Mark
Marcus, Episcopus Romanus   Feast day 7 October
6 February 337 to 12 April 352 Pope Julius I
Pope Saint Julius
Iulius, Episcopus Romanus    
17 May 352 to 24 September 366 Pope Liberius Liberius, Episcopus Romanus    
1 October 366 to 11 December 384 Pope Damasus I
Pope Saint Damasus
Damasus, Episcopus Romanus    
11 December 384 to 26 November 399 Pope Siricius
Pope Saint Siricius
Papa Siricius, Episcopus Romanus    
27 November 399 to 19 December 401 Pope Anastasius I
Pope Saint Anastasius
Papa Anastasius, Episcopus Romanus    
22 December 401 to 12 March 417 Pope Innocent I
Pope Saint Innocent
Papa Innocens, Episcopus Romanus    
18 March 417 to 26 December 418 Pope Zosimus
Pope Saint Zosimus
Papa Zosimus, Episcopus Romanus    
28/29 December 418 to 4 September 422 Pope Boniface I
Pope Saint Boniface
Papa Bonifacius, Episcopus Romanus    
10 September 422 to 27 July 432 Pope Celestine I
Pope Saint Celestine
Papa Caelestinus, Episcopus Romanus    
31 July 432 to March/August 440 Pope Sixtus III
Pope Saint Syxtus
Papa Xystus Tertius, Episcopus Romanus    
29 September 440 to 10 November 461 Pope Leo I the Great
Pope Saint Leo
Papa Leo, Episcopus Romanus    
19 November 461 to 29 February 468 Pope Hilarius
Pope Saint Hilarius
Papa Hilarius, Episcopus Romanus    
3 March 468 to 10 March 483 Pope Simplicius
Pope Saint Simplicius
Papa Simplicius, Episcopus Romanus    
13 March 483 to 1 March 492 Pope Felix III
(Felix II)
Pope Saint Felix
Papa Felix Tertius, Episcopus Romanus    
1 March 492 to 21 November 496 Pope Gelasius I Papa Gelasius, Episcopus Romanus    
24 November 496 to 19 November 498 Pope Anastasius II Papa Anastasius Secundus, Episcopus Romanus    
22 November 498 to 19 July 514 Pope Symmachus
Pope Saint Symmachus
Papa Symmachus, Episcopus Romanus    

From 500

Pontificate Common Name Regnal Name Personal Name Notes
20 July 514 to 19 July 523 Pope Hormisdas
Pope Saint Hormisdas
Papa Hormisdus, Episcopus Romanus    
13 August 523 to 18 May 526 Pope John I
Pope Saint John
Papa Ioannes, Episcopus Romanus    
13 July 526 to 22 September 530 Pope Felix IV
(Felix III)
Pope Saint Felix
Papa Felix Quartus, Episcopus Romanus    
22 September 530 to 17 October 532 Pope Boniface II Papa Bonifacius Secundus, Episcopus Romanus    
2 January 533 to 8 May 535 Pope John II Papa Ioannes Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Mercurius  
13 May 535 to 22 April 536 Pope Agapetus I
Pope Saint Agapetus
Papa Agapetus, Episcopus Romanus   Feast days 22 April, 20 September
1 June 536 to 11 November 537 Pope Silverius
Pope Saint Silverius
Papa Silverius, Episcopus Romanus   Exiled; feast day 20 June
29 March 537 to 7 June 555 Pope Vigilius Papa Vigilius, Episcopus Romanus    
16 April 556 to 4 March 561 Pope Pelagius I Papa Pelagius, Episcopus Romanus    
17 July 561 to 13 July 574 Pope John III Papa Ioannes Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Catelinus  
2 June 575 to 30 July 579 Pope Benedict I Papa Benedictus, Episcopus Romanus    
26 November 579 to 7 February 590 Pope Pelagius II Papa Pelagius Secundus, Episcopus Romanus    
3 September 590 to 12 March 604 Pope Gregory I the Great
Pope Saint Gregory
Papa Gregorius Magnus, Episcopus Romanus    
13 September 604 to 22 February 606 Pope Sabinianus
Pope Saint Sabinianus
Papa Sabinianus, Episcopus Romanus    
19 February 607 to 12 November 607 Pope Boniface III Papa Bonifacius Tertius, Episcopus Romanus    
25 August 608 to 8 May 615 Pope Boniface IV
Pope Saint Boniface
Papa Bonifacius Quartus, Episcopus Romanus    
19 October 615 to 8 November 618 Pope Deusdedit
Papa Deusdedit, Episcopus Romanus    
23 December 619 to 25 October 625 Pope Boniface V Papa Bonifacius Quintus, Episcopus Romanus    
27 October 625 to 12 October 638 Pope Honorius I Papa Honorius, Episcopus Romanus    
October 638 to 2 August 640 Pope Severinus Papa Severinus, Episcopus Romanus    
24 December 640 to 12 October 642 Pope John IV Papa Ioannes Quartus, Episcopus Romanus    
24 November 642 to 14 May 649 Pope Theodore I Papa Theodorus, Episcopus Romanus    
July 649 to 16 September 655 Pope Martin I
Pope Saint Martin
Papa Martinus, Episcopus Romanus   Feast Day 12 November
10 August 654 to 2 June 657 Pope Eugene I
Pope Saint Eugene
Papa Eugenius, Episcopus Romanus    
30 July 657 to 27 January 672 Pope Vitalian
Pope Saint Vitalian
Papa Vitalianus, Episcopus Romanus    
11 April 672 to 17 June 676 Pope Deusdedit II
Papa Deusdetit Secundus, Episcopus Romanus    
2 November 676 to 11 April 678 Pope Donus Papa Donus, Episcopus Romanus    
27 June 678 to 10 January 681 Pope Agatho
Pope Saint Agatho
Papa Agatho, Episcopus Romanus    
December 681 to 3 July 683 Pope Leo II
Pope Saint Leo
Papa Leo Secundus, Episcopus Romanus   Feast day 3 July
683/26 June 684 to 8 May 685 Pope Benedict II
Pope Saint Benedict
Papa Benedictus Secundus, Episcopus Romanus   Feast day 7 May
12 July 685 to 2 August 686 Pope John V Papa Ioannes Quintus, Episcopus Romanus    
21 October 686 to 22 September 687 Pope Conon Papa Conon, Episcopus Romanus    
15 December 687 to 8 September 701 Pope Sergius I
Pope Saint Sergius
Papa Sergius, Episcopus Romanus    
30 October 701 to 11 January 705 Pope John VI Papa Ioannes Sextus, Episcopus Romanus    
1 March 705 to 18 October 707 Pope John VII Papa Ioannes Septumus, Episcopus Romanus    
15 January 708 to 4 February 708 Pope Sisinnius Papa Sisinnius, Episcopus Romanus    
25 March 708 to 9 April 715 Pope Constantine Papa Constantinus, Episcopus Romanus    
19 May 715 to 11 February 731 Pope Gregory II
Pope Saint Gregory
Papa Gregorius Secundus, Episcopus Romanus   Feast day 11 February
18 March 731 to 28 November 741 Pope Gregory III Papa Gregorius Tertius, Episcopus Romanus    
3 December 741 to 14 March/22 March 752 Pope Zacharias
Pope Saint Zacharias
Papa Zacharias, Episcopus Romanus   Feast day 15 March

From 750

Pontificate Common Name Regnal Name Personal Name Notes
23 March 752 to 25 March 752 Pope Stephen II Papa Stephanus Secundus, Episcopus Romanus   Not listed as part of the Vatican's official list of popes. Died three days after his election, prior to his consecration.
26 March 752 to 26 April 757 Pope Stephen III
(Stephen II)
Papa Stephanus Tertius, Episcopus Romanus    
29 May 757 to 28 June 767 Pope Paul I
Pope Saint Paul
Papa Paulus, Episcopus Romanus    
1 August 767 to 24 January 772 Pope Stephen IV
(Stephen III)
Papa Stephanus Quartus, Episcopus Romanus    
1 February 772 to 26 December 795 Pope Adrian I Papa Hadrianus, Episcopus Romanus    
26 December 795 to 12 June 816 Pope Leo III Papa Leo Tertius, Episcopus Romanus    
12 June 816 to 24 January 817 Pope Stephen V
(Stephen IV)
Papa Stephanus Quintus, Episcopus Romanus    
25 January 817 to 11 February 824 Pope Paschal I
Pope Saint Paschal
Papa Paschalis, Episcopus Romanus    
8 May 824 to August 827 Pope Eugene II Papa Eugenius Secundus, Episcopus Romanus    
August 827 to September 827 Pope Valentinus Papa Valentinus, Episcopus Romanus    
827 to January 844 Pope Gregory IV Papa Gregorius Quartus, Episcopus Romanus    
January 844 to 7 January 847 Pope Sergius II Papa Sergius Secundus, Episcopus Romanus    
January 847 to 17 July 855 Pope Leo IV
Pope Saint Leo
Papa Leo Quartus, Episcopus Romanus    
855 to 7 April 858 Pope Benedict III Papa Benedictus Tertius, Episcopus Romanus    
24 April 858 to 13 November 867 Pope Nicholas I the Great
Pope Saint Nicholas
Papa Nicholaus Magnus, Episcopus Romanus    
14 December 867 to 14 December 872 Pope Adrian II Papa Hadrianus Secundus, Episcopus Romanus    
14 December 872 to 16 December 882 Pope John VIII Papa Ioannes Octavus, Episcopus Romanus    
16 December 882 to 15 May 884 Pope Marinus I Papa Marinus, Episcopus Romanus    
17 May 884 to c.September 885 Pope Adrian III
Pope Saint Adrian
Papa Hadrianus Tertius, Episcopus Romanus    
885 to 14 September 891 Pope Stephen VI
(Stephen V)
Papa Stephanus Sextus, Episcopus Romanus    
19 September 891 to 4 April 896 Pope Formosus Papa Formosus, Episcopus Romanus   Posthumously executed following the Cadaver Synod
4 April 896 to 19 April 896 Pope Boniface VI Papa Bonifacius Sextus, Episcopus Romanus    
22 May 896 to August 897 Pope Stephen VII
(Stephen VI)
Papa Stephanus Septimus, Episcopus Romanus    
August 897 to November 897 Pope Romanus Papa Romanus, Episcopus Romanus    
December 897 Pope Theodore II Papa Theodorus Secundus, Episcopus Romanus    
January 898 to January 900 Pope John IX Papa Ioannes Nonus, Episcopus Romanus    
900 to 903 Pope Benedict IV Papa Benedictus Quartus, Episcopus Romanus    
July 903 to September 903 Pope Leo V Papa Leo Quintus, Episcopus Romanus    
29 January 904 to 14 April 911 Pope Sergius III Papa Sergius Tertius, Episcopus Romanus   "Pornocracy" begins
April 911 to June 913 Pope Anastasius III Papa Anastasius Tertius, Episcopus Romanus    
July/August 913 to February/March 914 Pope Lando Papa Lando, Episcopus Romanus    
March 914 to May 928 Pope John X Papa Ioannes Decimus, Episcopus Romanus    
May 928 to December 928 Pope Leo VI Papa Leo Sextus, Episcopus Romanus    
December 928 to February 931 Pope Stephen VIII
(Stephen VII)
Papa Stephanus Octavus, Episcopus Romanus    
February/March 931 to December 935 Pope John XI Papa Ioannes Undecimus, Episcopus Romanus    
3 January 936 to 13 July 939 Pope Leo VII Papa Leo Septimus, Episcopus Romanus    
14 July 939 to October 942 Pope Stephen IX
(Stephen VIII)
Papa Stephanus Nonus, Episcopus Romanus    
30 October 942 to May 946 Pope Marinus II Papa Marinus Secundus, Episcopus Romanus    
10 May 946 to December 955 Pope Agapetus II Papa Agapetus Secundus, Episcopus Romanus    
16 December 955 to 14 May 964 Pope John XII Papa Ioannes Duodecimus, Episcopus Romanus Octavian Murdered; end of the "Pornocracy"
4 December 963 to 1 March 964 Pope Leo VIII Papa Leo Octavus, Episcopus Romanus   Deposed
May 964 to 965 Pope Benedict V Papa Benedictus Quintus, Episcopus Romanus   Deposed
965 to 1 March 965 Pope Leo VIII Papa Leo Octavus, Episcopus Romanus   Restored
1 October 965 to 6 September 972 Pope John XIII Papa Ioannes Tertius Decimus, Episcopus Romanus    
19 January 973 to June 974 Pope Benedict VI Papa Benedictus Sextus, Episcopus Romanus   Deposed and murdered
October 974 to 10 July 983 Pope Benedict VII Papa Benedictus Septimus, Episcopus Romanus    
December 983 to 20 August 984 Pope John XIV Papa Ioannes Quartus Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Pietro Campanora  
August 985 to March 996 Pope John XV Papa Ioannes Quintus Decimus, Episcopus Romanus    
3 May 996 to 18 February 999 Pope Gregory V Papa Gregorius Quintus, Episcopus Romanus Bruno of Carinthia First German Pope
2 April 999 to 12 May 1003 Pope Silvester II Papa Silvester Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Gerbert d'Aurillac First French Pope

From 1000

Pontificate Common Name Regnal Name Personal Name Notes
June 1003 to December 1003 Pope John XVII Papa Ioannes Septimus Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Sicco  
25 December 1003 to July 1009 Pope John XVIII Papa Ioannes Duodevicesimus, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Fasano; Phasianus  
31 July 1009 to 12 May 1012 Pope Sergius IV Papa Sergius Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Pietro Bucca Porci; Peter Pig's Snout  
18 May 1012 to 9 April 1024 Pope Benedict VIII Papa Benedictus Octavus, Episcopus Romanus Theophylactus II, Conti di Tusculum  
April/May 1024 to 6 December 1032 Pope John XIX Papa Ioannes Undevicesimus, Episcopus Romanus Romanus, Conti di Tusculum  
1032 to 1044 Pope Benedict IX Papa Benedictus Nonus, Episcopus Romanus Theophylactus III, Conti di Tusculum 1st Term; abdicated for financial reward
1045 Pope Silvester III Papa Silvester Tertius, Episcopus Romanus John, Bishop of Sabina Validity of election questioned; considered Anti-Pope deposed at the Council of Sutri
1045 to 1046 Pope Benedict IX Papa Benedictus Nonus, Episcopus Romanus Theophylactus III, Conti di Tusculum 2nd Term; deposed at the Council of Sutri
April/May 1045 to 20 December 1046 Pope Gregory VI Papa Gregorius Sextus, Episcopus Romanus Johannes Gratianus Deposed at the Council of Sutri
24 December 1046 to 9 October 1047 Pope Clement II Papa Clemens Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Suidger  
November 1047 to 1048 Pope Benedict IX Papa Benedictus Nonus, Episcopus Romanus Theophylactus III, Conti di Tusculum 3rd Term; deposed and excommunicated
17 July 1048 to 9 August 1048 Pope Damasus II Papa Damasus Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Poppo  
12 February 1049 to 19 April 1054 Pope Leo IX
Pope Saint Leo
Papa Leo Nonus, Episcopus Romanus Bruno, Count of Dagsbourg  
13 April 1055 to 28 July 1057 Pope Victor II Papa Victor Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Gebhard, Count of Calw , Tollenstein, and Hirschberg  
2 August 1057 to 29 March 1058 Pope Stephen X Papa Stephanus Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Frederic de Lorraine; Frederick of Lorraine  
6 December 1058 to 27 July 1061 Pope Nicholas II Papa Nicholas Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Gérard de Bourgogne; Gerard of Burgundy  
30 September 1061 to 21 April 1073 Pope Alexander II Papa Alexander Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Anselmo Baggio  
22 April 1073 to 29 May 1085 Pope Gregory VII
Pope Saint Gregory
Papa Gregorius Septimus, Episcopus Romanus Hildebrand  
28 May 1086 to 16 September 1087 Pope Victor III
the Blessed Pope Victor
Papa Victor Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Desiderio; Desiderius; Dauferius  
12 March 1088 to 29 July 1099 Pope Urban II
the Blessed Pope Urban
Papa Urbanus Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Odo of Lagery  
13 August 1099 to 21 January 1118 Pope Paschal II Papa Paschalis Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Ranieri; Rainerius  
24 January 1118 to 28 January 1119 Pope Gelasius II Papa Gelasius Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Coniulo  
2 February 1119 to 13 December 1124 Pope Calixtus II Papa Calistus Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Guido, Comte de Bourgogne  
15 December 1124 to 13 February 1130 Pope Honorius II Papa Honorius Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Lamberto Scannabecchi; Lambert of Ostia  
14 February 1130 to 24 September 1143 Pope Innocent II Papa Innocens Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Gregorio Papareschi  
26 September 1143 to 8 March 1144 Pope Celestine II Papa Celestinus Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Guido di Castello
12 March 1144 to 15 March 1145 Pope Lucius II Papa Lucius Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Gerardo Caccianemici dal Orso  
15 February 1145 to 8 July 1153 Pope Eugene III
the Blessed Pope Eugene
Papa Eugenius Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Bernardo Pignatelli  
12 July 1153 to 15 February 1154 Pope Anastasius IV Papa Anastasius Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Corrado di Subarra  
4 December 1154 to 1 September 1159 Pope Adrian IV Papa Hadrianus Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Nicholas Breakspear first English pope; granted Ireland to Henry II, King of England
7 September 1159 to 30 August 1181 Pope Alexander III Papa Alexander Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Orlando Bandinelli  
1 September 1181 to 25 September 1185 Pope Lucius III Papa Lucius Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Ubaldo Allucingoli  
25 November 1185 to 19 October 1187 Pope Urban III Papa Urbanus Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Uberto Crivelli  
21 October 1187 to 17 December 1187 Pope Gregory VIII Papa Gregorius Octavus, Episcopus Romanus Alberto de Morra  
19 December 1187 to 27 March 1191 Pope Clement III Papa Clemens Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Paulino Scolari  
30 March 1191 to 8 January 1198 Pope Celestine III Papa Celestinus Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Giacinto Buboni Orsini  
8 January 1198 to 16 July 1216 Pope Innocent III Papa Innocens Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Lothario dei Conti di Segni  
18 July 1216 to 18 March 1227 Pope Honorius III Papa Honorius Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Cencio Savelli  
19 March 1227 to 22 August 1241 Pope Gregory IX Papa Gregorius Nonus, Episcopus Romanus Ugolino dei Conti di Segni  
25 October 1241 to 10 November 1241 Pope Celestine IV Papa Celestinus Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Goffredo Castiglione  
25 June 1243 to 7 December 1254 Pope Innocent IV Papa Innocens Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Sinibaldo de Fieschi  

From 1250

Pontificate Common Name Regnal Name Personal Name Place of Birth Notes
12 December 1254 to 25 May 1261 Pope Alexander IV Papa Alexander Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Rainaldo dei Conti di Segni; Rinaldo Conti Anagni, Italy  
29 August 1261 to 2 October 1264 Pope Urban IV Papa Urbanus Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Jacques Pantaléon Troyes, France  
5 February 1265 to 29 November 1268 Pope Clement IV Papa Clemens Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Gui Faucoi le Gros (angl: Guy Foulques the Fat) St. Gilles, France  
29 November 1268 to 1 September 1271     interregnum      
1 September 1271 to 10 January 1276 Pope Gregory X
the Blessed Pope Gregory
Papa Gregorius Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Theobaldo Visconti Piacenza, italy  
21 January 1276 to 22 June 1276 Pope Innocent V
the Blessed Pope Innocent
Papa Innocens Quintus, Episcopus Romanus Pierre de Tarentaise Savoy, France  
11 July 1276 to 18 August 1276 Pope Adrian V Papa Hadrianus Quintus, Episcopus Romanus Ottobuono dei Fieschi Genoa, Italy  
8 September 1276 to 20 May 1277 Pope John XXI Papa Ioannes, Episcopus Romanus Pedro Hispano Lisbon, Portugal Killed in the collapse of his scientific laboratory; The first Portuguese pope
25 November 1277 to 22 August 1280 Pope Nicholas III Papa Nicholaus Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Gaetano Orsini Rome, Italy  
22 February 1281 to 28 March 1285 Pope Martin IV Papa Martinus Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Simon de Brion; Simon de Brie Touraine, France  
2 April 1285 to 3 April 1287 Pope Honorius IV Papa Honorius Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Giacomo Savelli Rome, Italy  
22 February 1288 to 4 April 1292 Pope Nicholas IV Papa Nicholaus Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Girolamo Moschi; Girolamo Masci Ascoli, Italy  
4 April 1292 to 5 July 1294     interregnum      
5 July 1294 to 13 December 1294 Pope Celestine V
Pope Saint Celestine
Papa Caelestinus Quintus, Episcopus Romanus Pietro del Morone; Pietro di Morone Moline, Italy  
24 December 1294 to 11 October 1303 Pope Boniface VIII Papa Bonifacius Octavus, Episcopus Romanus Benedetto Gaetani; Benedetto Gaetano Anagni, Italy  
22 October 1303 to 7 July 1304 Pope Benedict XI Papa Benedictus Undecimus, Episcopus Romanus Nicholas Boccasini Treviso, Italy  
5 June 1305 to 20 April 1314 Pope Clement V Papa Clemens Quintus, Episcopus Romanus Bertrand de Got Bordeaux, France Pope at Avignon
20 April 1314 to 7 August 1316   interregnum      
7 August 1316 to 4 December 1334 Pope John XXII Papa Ioannes Vicesimus Primus, Episcopus Romanus Jacques d'Euse; Jacques Duèse Cahors, France Pope at Avignon
20 December 1334 to 25 April 1342 Pope Benedict XII Papa Benedictus Duodecimus, Episcopus Romanus Jacques Fournier Saverdun, France Pope at Avignon
7 May 1342 to 6 December 1352 Pope Clement VI Papa Clemens Sextus, Episcopus Romanus Pierre Roger Limoges, France Pope at Avignon
18 December 1352 to 12 September 1362 Pope Innocent VI Papa Innocens Sextus, Episcopus Romanus Étienne Aubert; Stephen Aubert Braisahmont, France Pope at Avignon
28 September 1362 to 19 December 1370 Pope Urban V
the Blessed Pope Urban
Papa Urbanus Quintus, Episcopus Guillaume Grimoard; Guillaume de Grimoard Languedoc, France Pope at Avignon
30 December 1370 to 26 March 1378 Pope Gregory XI Papa Gregorius Undecimus, Episcopus Romanus Pierre Roger de Beaufort Limoges, France Pope at Avignon
8 April 1378 to 15 October 1389 Pope Urban VI Papa Urbanus Sextus, Episcopus Romanus Bartolomeo Prignano Naples, Italy Western Schism
2 November 1389 to 1 October 1404 Pope Boniface IX Papa Bonifacius Nonus, Episcopus Romanus Pietro Tomacelli Naples, Italy Western Schism
17 October 1404 to 6 November 1406 Pope Innocent VII Papa Innocens Septimus, Episcopus Romanus Cosimo dei Migliorati Abruzzi, Italy Western Schism
30 November 1406 to 4 July 1415 Pope Gregory XII Papa Gregorius Duodecimus, Episcopus Romanus Angelo Corrari; Coraria, Corraro or Correr Venice, Italy Western Schism; abdicated
4 July 1415 to 11 November 1417   interregnum      
11 November 1417 to 20 February 1431 Pope Martin V Papa Martinus Quintus, Episcopus Romanus Odo Colonna; Otto di Colonna Rome, Italy  
3 March 1431 to 23 February 1447 Pope Eugenius IV Papa Eugenius Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Gabriele Condolmieri; Gabriel Condulmer Venice, Italy  
6 March 1447 to 24 March 1455 Pope Nicholas V Papa Nicholaus Quintus, Episcopus Romanus Tommaso Parentucelli; Tomaso da Sarzana Liguria, Italy  
8 April 1455 to 6 August 1458 Pope Callixtus III Papa Callistus Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Alonso Borgia; Alphonso de Borgia Valencia, Spain First Spanish Pope
19 August 1458 to 15 August 1464 Pope Pius II Papa Pius Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Enea Silvio Piccolomini; Aeneas Sylvius Siena, Italy  
30 August 1464 to 26 July 1471 Pope Paul II Papa Paulus Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Pietro Barbo Venice, Italy Nephew of Eugenius IV
9 August 1471 to 12 August 1484 Pope Sixtus IV Papa Xystus Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Francesco della Rovere Savona, Italy Member of the Franciscan Order, Commissioned the Sistine Chapel
29 August 1484 to 25 July 1492 Pope Innocent VIII Papa Innocens Octavus, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Battista Cibo Genoa, Italy  
11 August 1492 to 18 August 1503 Pope Alexander VI Papa Alexander Sextus, Episcopus Romanus Rodrigo Borgia Valencia, Spain Nephew of Callixtus III

From 1500

Pontificate Common Name Regnal Name Personal Name Notes
22 September 1503 to 18 October 1503 Pope Pius III Papa Pius Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Francesco Todeschini Piccolomini  
31 October 1503 to 21 February 1513 Pope Julius II Papa Iulius Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Giuliano della Rovere Nephew of Sixtus IV
9 March 1513 to 1 December 1521 Pope Leo X Papa Leo Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici Son of Lorenzo the Magnificent
9 January 1522 to 14 February 1523 Pope Adrian VI Papa Hadrianus Sextus, Episcopus Romanus Adrian Florensz Dedal First Dutch Pope; last non-Italian Pope until 1978; last German pope (the Netherlands being considered German at the time of his reign) until 2005
26 November 1523 to 25 September 1534 Pope Clement VII Papa Clemens Septimus, Episcopus Romanus Giulio di Giuliano de' Medici  
13 October 1534 to 10 November 1549 Pope Paul III Papa Paulus Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Alessandro Farnese  
7 February 1550 to 23 March 1555 Pope Julius III Papa Iulius Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte; Gian Maria del Monte, or Giovan Maria Giocci  
9 April 1555 to 1 May 1555 Pope Marcellus II Papa Marcellus Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Marcello Cervini; Marcellus Corvini  
23 May 1555 to 18 August 1559 Pope Paul IV Papa Paulus Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Pietro Carafa; Gianni Carafa  
25 December 1559 to 9 December 1565 Pope Pius IV Papa Pius Quartus, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Angelo de'Medici  
7 January 1566 to 1 May 1572 Pope Pius V
Pope Saint Pius
Papa Pius Quintus, Episcopus Romanus Michele Ghislieri; Antonio Ghislieri  
13 May 1572 to 10 April 1585 Pope Gregory XIII Papa Gregorius Tertius Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Ugo Buoncampagni; Ugo Buoncampagno  
24 April 1585 to 27 August 1590 Pope Sixtus V Papa Xystus Quintus, Episcopus Romanus Felice Perretti  
15 September 1590 to 27 September 1590 Pope Urban VII Papa Urbanus Septimus, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Battista Castagna  
5 December 1590 to 15 /16 October 1591 Pope Gregory XIV Papa Gregorius Quartus Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Niccolo Sfondrati; Niccolo Sfondrato  
29 October 1591 to 30 December 1591 Pope Innocent IX Papa Innocens Nonus, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Antonio Facchinetti; Gian Antonio Facchinetti  
30 January 1592 to 3 March 1605 Pope Clement VIII Papa Clemens Octavus, Episcopus Romanus Ippolito Aldobrandini  
1 April 1605 to 12 April 1605 Pope Leo XI Papa Leo Undecimus, Episcopus Romanus Alessandro Ottaviano de' Medici  
16 May 1605 to 28 January 1621 Pope Paul V Papa Paulus Quintus, Episcopus Romanus Camillo Borghese  
9 February 1621 to 3 July 1623 Pope Gregory XV Papa Gregorius Quintus Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Alessandro Ludovisi; Alessandro Ludovisio  
6 August 1623 to 29 July 1644 Pope Urban VIII Papa Urbanus Octavus, Episcopus Romanus Maffeo Barberini  
16 September 1644 to 7 January 1655 Pope Innocent X Papa Innocens Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Battista Pamphilj  
7 April 1655 to 22 May 1667 Pope Alexander VII Papa Alexander Septimus, Episcopus Romanus Fabio Chigi  
20 June 1667 to 9 December 1669 Pope Clement IX Papa Clemens Nonus, Episcopus Romanus Giulio Rospigliosi  
29 April 1670 to 22 July 1676 Pope Clement X Papa Clemens Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Emilio Altieri  
21 September 1676 to 11/12 August 1689 Pope Innocent XI
the Blessed Pope Innocent
Papa Innocens Undecimus, Episcopus Romanus Benedetto Odescalchi  
6 October 1689 to 1 February 1691 Pope Alexander VIII Papa Alexander Octavus, Episcopus Romanus Pietro Vitto Ottoboni  
12 July 1691 to 27 September 1700 Pope Innocent XII Papa Innocens Duodecimus, Episcopus Romanus Antonio Pignatelli  
23 November 1700 to 19 March 1721 Pope Clement XI Papa Clemens Undecimus, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Francesco Albani  
8 May 1721 to 7 March 1724 Pope Innocent XIII Papa Innocens Tertius Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Michelangelo de ’Conti; Michael Angelo Conti  
27 May 1724 to 21 February 1730 Pope Benedict XIII Papa Benedictus Tertius Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Vincenzo Marco Orsini  
12 July 1730 to 6 February 1740 Pope Clement XII Papa Clemens Duodecimus, Episcopus Romanus Lorenzo Corsini  
17 August 1740 to 3 May 1758 Pope Benedict XIV Papa Benedictus Quartus Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini  

From 1750

Pontificate Common Name Regnal Name Personal Name Notes
6 July 1758 to 2 February 1769 Pope Clement XIII Papa Clemens Tertius Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Carlo della Torre Rezzonico  
19 May 1769 to 22 September 1774 Pope Clement XIV Papa Clemens Quartus Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli  
15 February 1775 to 29 August 1799 Pope Pius VI Papa Pius Sextus, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Angelo Braschi  
14 March 1800 to 20 August 1823 Pope Pius VII Papa Pius Septimus, Episcopus Romanus Barnaba Chiaramonti  
28 September 1823 to 10 February 1829 Pope Leo XII Papa Leo Duodecimus, Episcopus Romanus Annibale della Genga  
31 March 1829 to 1 December 1830 Pope Pius VIII Papa Pius Octavus, Episcopus Romanus Francesco Xaverio Castiglione; Francesco Saverio Castigliani  
2 February 1831 to 1 June 1846 Pope Gregory XVI Papa Gregorius Sextus Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Bartolommeo Alberto Cappellari  
16 June 1846 to 7 February 1878 Pope Pius IX
Blessed Pius IX
Papa Pius Nonus, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti Opened First Vatican Council;
lost the Papal States to Italy
20 February 1878 to 20 July 1903 Pope Leo XIII Papa Leo Tertius Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Gioacchino Vincenzo Raffaele Luigi Pecci  
4 August 1903 to 20 August 1914 Pope Pius X
Pope Saint Pius X
Papa Pius Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto  
3 September 1914 to 22 January 1922 Pope Benedict XV Papa Benedictus Quintus Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Giacomo della Chiesa  
6 February 1922 to 10 February 1939 Pope Pius XI Papa Pius Undecimus, Episcopus Romanus Achille Ratti signed the Lateran Treaty with Italy, establishing the Vatican City as a sovereign state
2 March 1939 to 9 October 1958 Pope Pius XII Papa Pius Duodecimus, Episcopus Romanus Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Eugenio Pacelli  
28 October 1958 to 3 June 1963 Pope John XXIII
Blessed John XXIII
Papa Ioannes Vicesimus Tertius, Episcopus Romanus Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Opened Second Vatican Council; sometimes called "Good Pope John"
21 June 1963 to 6 August 1978 Pope Paul VI Papa Paulus Sextus, Episcopus Romanus Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini  
26 August 1978 to 28 September 1978 Pope John Paul I Papa Ioannes Paulus Primus, Episcopus Romanus Albino Luciani First Pope to use 'the First' in regnal name. First pope with two names, for his two immediate predecessors.
16 October 1978 to 2 April 2005 Pope John Paul II Papa Ioannes Paulus Secundus, Episcopus Romanus Karol Józef Wojtyła First Polish and first non-Italian pope since 1523. Reputedly canonized more saints than all predecessors. Styled "The Great" by some admirers. The longest serving Pope since Pius IX

From 2000

Pontificate Common Name Regnal Name Personal Name Notes
19 April 2005 to present Pope Benedict XVI Papa Benedictus Sextus Decimus, Episcopus Romanus Joseph Alois Ratzinger  

Notes on numbering of popes

Hermannus Contractus may have been the first historian to number the popes continuously. His list ends in 1049 with Pope Leo IX as the number 154. This makes the current Pope Benedict XVI the 265th.

  • Recently the numbering of popes named Felix has been amended to omit anti-pope Felix 'II'.
  • Pope Stephen II, who died before being consecrated, is listed above and in the Catholic Encyclopedia, but is not on the Vatican's offical list of popes. The numbering of his successors with the same name rise by one.
  • Marinus I and Marinus II are considered as Martin II and Martin III respectively.
  • In legend, an English woman reigned as Pope Joan, from 855 - 858 following Leo IV's death. This is impossible as Leo IV was immediately succeeded by Benedict III and is challenged by an antipope during that time.
  • Pope Donus II, said to reign about 974 is non-existent. This is due to the confusion of the title 'dominus' (lord) with a proper name.
  • Boniface VII (974, 984-985), Benedict X (1058-1059) and Alexander V (1409-1410) are not in the list as they were considered antipopes.
  • There has never been a John XX. It is a result of the confusion in the 11th century as a number of popes and antipopes took this name.

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