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List of jurists

The following lists are of prominent jurists, including judges, listed in alphabetical order by jurisdiction. See also list of lawyers.




  • Luis Moreno Ocampo


See also List of Judges of the High Court of Australia


  • Ludwig Adamovich Sr. , former president of the Austrian Constitutional Court
  • Ludwig Adamovich Jr. , former president of the Austrian Constitutional Court
  • Walter Antoniolli , former president of the Austrian Constitutional Court
  • Franz Bydlinski , leading late 20th-century theorist on the methods of private law
  • Eugen Ehrlich, legal sociologist
  • Walther Kastner , 20th century lawyer and law professor who shaped many reforms of Austrian corporate law
  • Hans Kelsen, Constitutional theorist, draftsman of the Austrian constitution and creater of the Pure Theory of Law
  • Karl Korinek , president of the Austrian Constitutional Court
  • Karl Anton Freiherr von Martini , late 18th century jurist and proponent of natural law, writer of earlier drafts, including the West Galician Book of Laws leading up to the Austrian Civil Code of 1811
  • Franz von Zeiller , draftsman of the final version of the Austrian Civil Code of 1811


  • Geoffrey Briggs
  • Mohamed Saied



See also Law Lords




  • Siegfried Bross
  • Friedrich Heck , representative of sociological jurisprudence (Interessenjurisprudenz)
  • Roman Herzog, President of the German Constitutional Court and later President of Germany
  • Rudolf von Jhering, founder of sociological jurisprudence (Interessenjurisprudenz)
  • Hermann Kantorowicz , proponent of the Free Law School (Freirechtslehre)
  • Karl Larenz , leading 20th century theorist of the theory of private law (Wertungsjurisprudenz or Jurisprudence of Values)
  • Carl Friedrich von Savigny , 19th century legal scholar of the historical school
  • Carl Schmitt, legal theorist
  • Bernhard Windscheid , leading drafter of the BGB
  • Robert Alexy

Hong Kong

International Court of Justice at the Hague

  • Claude Jorda
  • Luis Moreno Ocampo
  • Carla del Ponte

See also International Criminal Court



  • Mohammad Mughrabi

Soviet Union & Russian Federation



United States

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