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List of hats and headgear

This is an incomplete list of hats and headgear (that is, anything worn on the head), both modern and historical.



Hats commonly worn today

Hats worn in the past, or rarely worn today


  • beaver
  • beefeater
  • bicorne
  • boater, also basher
  • bowler hat, also coke hat, billycock, boxer, bun hat
  • boxer a tall hat
  • cabbage-tree hat a hat woven from leaves of the cabbage tree
  • capotain (and women) - a tall conical hat, 17th century, usually black - also, copotain, copatain
  • Caroline - 17th Century
  • carriage hat - 1780s-1820s
  • caubeen - Irish hat
  • cavalier hat , also chevaliers, wide brimmed hat trimmed with ostrich plumes
  • chapeau-bras - 18th century, small three cornered hat which was carried under one arm
  • chimney-pot hat , also lum-hat, Victorian, also worn by clerics in the Greek Orthodox Church
  • pork pie hat


  • bandeau hat
  • beehive
  • bergère hat
  • bloomer
  • bongrace - a wide brimmed hat, 17th/18th century
  • Breton
  • capeline - 18th/19th century
  • capotain (and men) - a tall conical hat, 17th century, usually black - also, copotain, copatain
  • cart-wheel hat - low crown, wide stiff brim


  • balibuntal - straw hat from the Philippines
  • castor or caster - beaver or rabbit
  • chip hat
  • cloche
  • cockle hat
  • cony or coney
  • coolie hat
  • copintank , also copentank, coptank, copitaine
  • cordies
  • Cossack hat
  • crinoline hat
  • crush hat , also gibus-hat
  • deerstalker , like that worn by Sherlock Holmes
  • demicastor hat
  • Derby, also kelly
  • Directoire
  • Dolly Varden
  • fan-tail hat
  • flat
  • Gainsborough
  • Garbo hat
  • Garibaldi hat
  • gipsy hat
  • gossamer hat
  • grebe hat
  • halo-brim hat
  • Homburg ; a black Homburg was also known as an "Anthony Eden" or "Eden" (after the politician Anthony Eden)
  • hunting hat
  • jerry
  • kausia
  • Kevenhuller
  • kiss-me-quick hat
  • Leghorn hat
  • mandarin hat
  • Manilla hat
  • marquis hat
  • matinée hat
  • Merry Widow hat
  • Moab
  • montera
  • mourning hat
  • mousquetaire
  • muff-box
  • Müller hat
  • mushroom
  • petasos
  • pill box hat
  • sugar loaf
  • top hat
  • toque
  • tricorne, called a cocked hat in its day
  • Trilby
  • veiled hat , also bird cage hat


Caps commonly worn today

Caps worn by men in the past

Caps worn by women (historical)


Bonnets for women

  • cabriolet
  • capote - soft crown, rigid brim, 19th century
  • chip bonnet
  • gipsy bonnet
  • kiss-me-quick
  • Leghorn bonnet
  • mourning bonnet
  • poke bonnet
  • ugly - a kind of retractable visor that could be attached to bonnets for extra protection from the sun, 19th century

Bonnets for men



  • bonnet headdress
  • calash
  • capulet
  • Flemish hood
  • French hood
  • gable hood
  • hood - modern or historical, attached to tops or shirts, overcoats, cloaks, etc
  • Ku Klux Klan hood
  • Mary Queen of Scots
  • medieval hood
  • mourning hood
  • riding hood
  • Stuart hood
  • bongrace - is the stiffened back of the hood when flipped over the forehead to provide shade; also a separate headdress to provide shade, worn with a hood or coif, Tudor/Elizabethan

Headscarves, wimples

Masks, veils and headgear which covers the face

Other headdresses


  • bandeau
  • bongrace - a shade for the face, sometimes part of a hood, or a separate garment worn with a hood or coif; Tudor/Elizabethan
  • mitre , also miter
  • visor


  • Arab headdress
    • a white cap or skullcap: taqiyah , also tagiyah, gahfiah
    • covered by the flowing scarf: ghutrah , also gutra, smagh, shmagh, kaffiyeh, kufiyyeh, keffiyeh, keffiyah, kaffiye, keffiya
    • kept in place by a band around the cap and scarf: igal , also egal, agal, aqal, ogal
  • bandana, also bandanna
  • visor
  • durag
  • stocking cap



Headgear organised by function


  • biretta
  • bowler hat (Orange Order)
  • galero (cardinal's hat)
  • coif
  • fez
  • Geneva hat
  • Greek miter , also Greek mitre
  • mitre, also miter, (bishop's tall pointed cap)
  • Papal Tiara, also triregnum
  • turban
  • veil
  • wimple a nun's headdress which covers her hair, sides of her face and throat, worn by other women in earlier centuries
  • yarmulke - Jewish skullcap; also Kippah, koppel, capel, coppel
  • zucchetto - Catholic skullcap; also pileolus, berettino, calotte, subbiretum, submitrale, soli-deo

Military and police

  • barretina
  • beefeater
  • bearskin
  • beret
  • bersagliere
  • Bone dome - closely fitting solid helmet designed to resist impacts within the cockpit of military aircraft
  • Caubeen
  • feather bonnet
  • gas mask
  • glengarry bonnet
  • helmet
  • kepi
  • lemon squeezer
  • shako
  • Combination Cap

Officials and civil workers

Other specialist headgear

National dress; association with a country or people

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