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List of Polish rulers

Poland was ruled by dukes (c.962–1025, 10321076, 10791295, 12961300 and 13061320) and kings (10251032, 10761079, 12951296, 13001305 and 13201795). The best-known dynasties are the Piast (c.962–1370) and Jagiellonian (13861572): intervening and subsequent monarchs were often rulers also of neighboring lands, or princes drawn from foreign dynasties. Polish kingship ended after the third Partition in 1795, and independence was restored on a republican basis in 1918.


Early Piast dynasty
Dynastia Piastów (9621138)

Regional division
Rozbicie dzielnicowe (11381306)

Note: only rulers acknowledged as overlords (or high-dukes) of all Poland (usually those who inherited the "royal province of Cracow") are listed.

Piast unification (13061370)

Angevin dynasty (House of Capet-Anjou)
Dynastia Andegawenów (13701399)

Dynastia Jagiellonów (13861572)

Electoral kings
Królowie elekcyjni (15721795)

House of Vasa Kings of Sweden and Poland (15871668):
Wettin Electors of Saxony of Holy Roman Empire etc (16971706, 17091766):

Duchy of Warsaw
Ksiestwo Warszawskie (18071815) (dependent from France)

Congress Kingdom, Kingdom of Poland
Kongresówka, Królestwo Polskie (18151832)

(in personal union with Russia)

Republic (since 1918)

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