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List of British television channels


Television Stations

These channels are available on digital aerial, satellite and cable systems.

Many channels have a "+1" service. This is an identical channel carrying the same programmes delayed by one hour to give viewers a second chance to catch a favourite programme. They are not included as separate channels here however.

Regional Channels

Recent years have seen a sucession of regional, often community based, television channels start operating. Often these are tied to a particular city, but avaliable in surrounding areas.

Defunct Channels

  • BBC Choice - replaced by BBC Three
  • BBC Knowledge - replaced by BBC Four
  • Carlton Cinema
  • FilmFour Extreme
  • FilmFour World
  • Plus - Closed by Granada Sky Broadcasting as part of a deal to carry ITV3 on Sky Digital
  • Shop!
  • The Studio - NTL cable only
  • [.tv] - Previously known as The Computer Channel
  • Sky 2
  • Sky Soap
  • EBN - Merged with Bloomberg
  • Where It's At

Future Channels

New Channels

  • ITV Gold
  • ITV Kids
  • More4 - New from Channel 4, broadcasting property and lifestyle programs (sheduled to launch in the last quarter of 2004)

Imported American channels

International BBC channels

These channels are BBC ventures not available in the UK, in some cases they are similar to channels offered in the UK

  • BBC World - formerly World Service Television
  • BBC Prime - entertainment channel available in Europe, Africa, Middle East
  • BBC America - US Market British Entertainment Channel
  • BBC Canada - Canadian Market British Entertainment Channel
  • BBC Kids - Canada-broadcast children's channel
  • BBC Food - Southern Africa/Scandinavia
  • People+Arts - Latin America/Iberia

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