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Lalli (Laurentius or Lalloi) was a rich Finnish man widely reviled for having killed Bishop Henry on the ice of lake Köyliönjärvi in Finland on January 20 1156. According to legend the bishop was trying to Christianize Lalli's family and that made Lalli angry. Henry was returning home disappointed while Lalli caught him and cut his head off with an axe or sword, and also killed his troops. Lalli took the bishop's hat from his removed head and cut off his finger to have his ring. Legend says the hat melted on Lalli's head and removed his hair. Bishop's body parts were collected and transported with oxen. Where the oxen stopped, there was built a great church.

Almost nothing is known about Lalli apart from his infamous deed told by Christian legends. He has been branded a traitor of the worst kind. Present days he has been seen as a figure demonstrating a positive rebellion against oppressive authority. He is a hero for many present day pagans.

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