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Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo is the fourth largest lake in Lombardy, Italy.

Lake Iseo from Montisola

It is in the north of the country in the Val Camino area, near the cities of Brescia and Bergamo. This is a heavily industrialised part of the world but, despite that, the area remains one of outstanding natural beauty. The lake itself, is said to be one of the deepest in Europe. The road to the North used to run along the side of the lake, and stories about entire families being swallowed up by the murky waters abound. A much safer road, carved into the side of the mountains, now exists.

In the middle of the lake is Monte Isola (or Montisola), the largest island of any lake in Europe.

Around the shore of the lake are a number of small towns:-

  1. Iseo - with wide squares, and a lakeside promenade.
  2. Sarnico - originally a prehistoric village on stilts, there are frescoes in the Church of San Nazario and a small picture gallery.
  3. Riva di Solta - a pretty little fishing village, near large limestone quarries.
  4. Lovere - once a fortified town, it has a School of Fine Art, and an art gallery.
  5. Marone - in a nearby valley, up which are the Earth Pyramids (a strange sight).
  6. Sale Marasino - a nondescript little town, but a good base.

and on Montisola are:-

  1. Peschiera Maraglio - a picturesque fishing village.
  2. Siviano , Sensole and Carzano - more fishing villages reached via the coastal path.
  3. Cure - the highest point on the island has a sanctuary.

Two smaller islands, Loreto and St Paul, are privately owned.

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