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There are communes that have the name Fontaine, and Fontaines :

Related names

  • Fontaine-au-Bois , in the Nord département
  • Fontaine-au-Pire , in the Nord département
  • Fontaine-Bellenger , in the Eure département
  • Fontaine-Bonneleau , in the Oise département
  • Fontaine-Chaalis , in the Oise département
  • Fontaine-Chalendray , in the Charente-Maritime département
  • Fontaine-Couverte , in the Mayenne département
  • Fontaine-Denis-Nuisy , in the Marne département
  • Fontaine-de-Vaucluse , in the Vaucluse département
  • Fontaine-en-Bray , in the Seine-Maritime département
  • Fontaine-en-Dormois , in the Marne département
  • Fontaine-Étoupefour, in the Calvados département
  • Fontaine-Fourches , in the Seine-et-Marne département
  • Fontaine-Française , in the Côte-d'Or département

There are peoples that have the name Fontaine:

There are people that have the name La Fontaine:

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