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Khalid of Saudi Arabia

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King Khalid
King Khalid

Khalid bin Abdul Aziz (1912 - June 13,1982) was King of Saudi Arabia from the assassination of King Faisal in 1975 until his own death in 1982.

Khalid was named Crown Prince in 1965, after his older brother (and only full brother) Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz declined a place in the succession. He was not very interested in politics and gave effective control of the country to his brother Crown Prince Fahd. He decided to bring in foreign labour to help with the country's development. A relatively easygoing but pious man, like many members of the House of Saud he died of a heart attack. He had purchased a Boeing 747 with an operating room should he be stricken while on his travels. He was succeeded by Fahd.

Notable achievements included the institution of the second "Five-Year Plan" in Saudi history, which aimed to build up Saudi infrastructure and healthcare. He also called numerous summits and inaugurated the Gulf Co-operation Council in 1981.

King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh and King Khalid Military City were both named after him.

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