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A keel is a large beam around which the hull of a ship is built. The keel runs in the middle of the ship, from the bow to the stern. The word keel is also sometimes used to refer to a rigid, flat piece of material anchored to the lowest part of the hull and used to give the ship greater control and stability.

Carina is the Latin word for keel and is the origin of the term careen (to clean a keel).

See also Leeboard , Bruce foil.


  • A keel is also a flat-bottomed boat, particularly the ones used on the rivers Tyne and Wear.
  • The actor who played Clayton Farlow in the TV series Dallas (1978-1991) was Howard Keel (1919-2004).
  • There was also a heavy-metal band named Keel in the 1980s.

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