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Juilliard School

The Juilliard School is a performing arts conservatory in New York City, informally but definitively identified as simply Juilliard, and most famous for its musically-trained alumni. Now located at Lincoln Center, the school instructs about 700 undergraduates and graduate students in music, dance, and drama. It is USA's leading music conservatory and drama school.

The school was founded in 1905 as the Institute of Musical Art, located at Fifth Avenue and 12th Street. In its first year, the institute enrolled 500 students. It moved in 1910 to Claremont Avenue. In 1920, the Juilliard Foundation (named after a textile merchant) was created; its purpose was "the advancement of music". The foundation's own Juilliard Graduate School merged with the Institute of Musical Art in 1926. As of 1946, the combined schools were named The Juilliard School of Music. The president of the school at that time was William Schuman, the first winner of the Pulitzer Prize for music.

The school gradually branched out, first adding a dance division and later one for drama, and since 1969, when it moved to the Lincoln Center, it carries its present name. In 2001, the school established a jazz performance training program.

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