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John III of Portugal

John III of Portugal
John III of Portugal

John III of Portugal, the Pious, (Portuguese Joćo III) (June 6, 1502 - June 11, 1557) was the fifteenth king of Portugal. Born in Lisbon, he was the son of King Manuel I of Portugal by his wife, Maria of Aragon, princess of Spain. Joćo III succeeded his father in 1521.

John III succeeded to the crown at a time when Portugal was at the height of its political power, and Lisbon in a position of commercial importance previously unknown. The Asian possessions were extended by further conquest, and systematic colonization of Brazil was begun.

John, unfortunately for his dominions, became subservient to the clerical party among his subjects and the Inquisition was introduced in 1536. The consequences were disastrous to the commercial and social prosperity of his kingdom. Portugal was falling into the stagnation that characterized the reign of Sebastian I, who succeeded him.

He died of apoplexy in Lisbon.

Joćo's descendants

  • From his wife, Catherine of Habsburg, princess of Spain (1507-1578)
    • Afonso (1526)
    • Maria, princess of Portugal (1527-1545) married king Philip II of Spain
    • Isabel (1529)
    • Beatrice (1530)
    • Manuel (1531-1537), heir in 1535
    • Philip (1533-1539), heir in 1537
    • Dinis (1535-1537)
    • Joćo, prince of Portugal (1537-1554), heir in 1539, married Joan of Habsburg, princess of Spain, father of king Sebastian
    • António (1539-1540)

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Preceded by:
Manuel I
King of Portugal Succeeded by:

This article incorporates text from the public domain 1911 Encyclopędia Britannica.

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