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John Huston

John Huston (August 5, 1906 - August 28, 1987) was an American film director.

He was born John Marcellus Huston in Nevada, Missouri, the son of the Canadian-born actor Walter Huston. He began his film career as a screenwriter and made films mainly from proven books or plays.

He acted in a number of films, with distinction in Otto Preminger's The Cardinal and in Roman Polanski's Chinatown.

In 1941, Huston was nominated for an Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay for The Maltese Falcon and again in 1948 for The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. He was also an accomplished painter who created the 1982 label for Château Mouton Rothschild, the French winery with whose chatelaine, Pauline de Rothschild, he reportedly had a brief affair in the 1940s.

Huston was married to (1) Dorothy Harvey, (2) Lesley Black, (3) Evelyn Keyes, (4) Enrica Soma, and (5) Celeste Shane. All but the marriage to Soma, who died, ended in divorce. Among his children is the director Danny Huston and the actress Anjelica Huston. In addition to Rothschild, his lovers included the actress Nora Eddington and Susan Tyrrell and socialite Marietta Peabody Tree .

John Huston has the unique distinction of directing both his father, Walter Huston, and his daughter Anjelica Huston in Oscar winning performances in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Prizzi's Honor.

He is interred in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, California.


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