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John Fitzalan

John Fitzalan (c. 1348 - December 16, 1379), 1st Lord Arundel, was a Marshal of England. He was born in Echingham, Censored page, England to Richard Fitzalan, 10th Earl of Arundel and his second wife Eleanor of Lancaster.

John was appointed Marshal by Richard II of England in 1377. He was summoned to Parliament 4 August 1377, by writ directed Johanni de Arundell. Being in command of a naval expedition in aid to the Duke of Brittany, he defeated the French fleet off the coast of Cornwall. Sir John de Arundel, 1st Lord Arundel, died testate at sea 15 Dec. 1379, being wrecked and drowned in the Irish Sea. He was buried in Lewes, Sussex. He was also an ancestor of the poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley.


On February 17, 1358, John was married to Lady Eleanor Maltravers, 1345 - January 10, 1404/1405, daughter of John Maltravers and Gwenthin. They had five children:

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