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Isla Perejil

Isla Perejil (Parsley Island, Arabic: Leila ("night")) is a small, rocky island in the Mediterranean Sea, 200m off the coast of Morocco, 5km from Ceuta.

In 1415 Portugal conquered the island. In 1580-1640 Portugal was united with Spain. The island has been under Spanish control since 1668, but it is claimed by Morocco. It was occupied on July 11, 2002 by Moroccan police and troops, who were evicted without bloodshed by Spanish naval forces. On July 20, 2002, Spain agreed to withdraw its troops from the island.

Isla Perejil has no permanent human population. Goats are pastured there, and the Moroccan government expressed worries that smugglers and terrorists were using the island.

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Location of Isla Perejil (Parsley Island)

Mercator projection: public domain Online Map Creation

Perejil is thought not to be derived from the plant name but to be a misderivation of "Perez Gil", the names of an owner/conqueror.

Leila also refers to a chess engine. See Leila (chess) .

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