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Irreligion is the absence of religious following. Although people classified as irreligious do not follow a religion, it does not necessarily imply a lack of belief in God or gods; such a person may be a non-religious or non-practicing theist, rather than an atheist or agnostic, although most people who declare themselves irreligious are not theists.

Table: Those identifying themselves as having no religion by country
Country Percentage stating they have no religion Source
Australia 17.5% of the 88.3% of the population choosing to answer a question on religion Australian Bureau of Statistics (2001 census) [1]
New Zealand 32.0% of the 85.9% of the population adequately answering a question on religion Statistics New Zealand (2001 census) [2]
United Kingdom 16.8% of the 92.7% of the population choosing to answer a question on religion UK National Statistics (2001 census) [3]
United States 15.0% of the 94.6% of those choosing to answer a question on religion (based on a survey of 50,281 households in 48 out of 50 states) American Religious Identification Survey (2001) (as reported by US Census Bureau[4])
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