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Irkutsk Oblast

The Irkutsk Oblast, Russia is located in south-eastern Siberia in the basins of Angara, Lena and Nizhnyaya Tunguska rivers, and occupies an area of 767,900 km&sup2 (4.6% of Russia's territory). The Irkutsk Oblast borders with the Buryat and Tuva Republics in the south and south-west, the Krasnoyarsk Krai in the west, the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic in the northeast, and the Chita Oblast in the east. A unique and world-famous lake, Lake Baikal, is located in the southeast of the region. It contains the autonomous district of Ust-Orda Buryatia.

The climate is continental. Almost half the year the temperature is below 0°C. Winter is frosty, and the temperature is generally from -17°C to -33°C. Summer is hot, short, and dry in the first half, and humid in the second. The temperature is generally between +17°C and +33°C.

The population of the region is 2.77 million, from which 79.6% are urban, and 20.4% are rural. The density of the population is 3.5 people per square kilometer, whereas the average density for Russia is 8.7. Irkutsk is the administrative center, with a population of 594,500. Other large cities are Angarsk (267,000 people), Bratsk (253,600 people), Usolye-Sibirskoye (104,300 people), and Ust-Ilimsk (107,200 people).

Administrative Division


Irkutsk Oblast consists of the following districts (Russian: районы):

  • Angarsky (Ангарский)
  • Balagansky (Балаганский)
  • Bodaybinsky (Бодайбинский)
  • Bratsky (Братский)
  • Cheremkhovsky (Черемховский)
  • Chunsky (Чунский)
  • Irkutsky (Иркутский)
  • Kachugsky (Качугский)
  • Katangsky (Катангский)
  • Kazachinsko-Lensky (Казачинско-Ленский)
  • Kirensky (Киренский)
  • Kuytunsky (Куйтунский)
  • Mamsko-Chuysky (Мамско-Чуйский)
  • Nizhneilimsky (Нижнеилимский)
  • Nizhneudinsky (Нижнеудинский)
  • Olkhonsky (Ольхонский)
  • Shelekhovsky (Шелеховский)
  • Slyudyansky (Слюдянский)
  • Tayshetsky (Тайшетский)
  • Tulunsky (Тулунский)
  • Usolsky (Усольский)
  • Ust-Ilimsky (Усть-Илимский)
  • Ust-Kutsky (Усть-Кутский)
  • Ust-Udinsky (Усть-Удинский)
  • Zalarinsky (Заларинский)
  • Zhigalovsky (Жигаловский)
  • Ziminsky (Зиминский)

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