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Information processsing

In information processing, input is the process of receiving information from an object.

The word input is used as a noun (information received or the process of receiving it) and less often as a verb (to receive information; or to enter information that a program then uses as input).

Computers commonly use keyboards and mice to receive input from users. Other input comes from networks and storage devices such as disk drives.


In telecommunication, the term input has the following meanings:

  1. In a device, process, or channel, a point that accepts data.
  2. A state, or a sequence of states, of a point that accepts data.
  3. A stimulus, such as a signal or interference, that enters a functional unit, such as a telecommunications system, a computer, or a computer program.

Source: from Federal Standard 1037C

Control theory

In control theory, the inputs of a system are the signals that can be observed or affected that feed into the system. Specifically, inputs are differentiated from states

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