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House of Representatives

House of Representatives is a name used for legislative bodies in many countries. Often, the House of Representatives is the lower house of a bicameral legislature, with the corresponding upper house often called a 'senate'. In other countries, the House of Representatives is the sole chamber of a unicameral legislature. The functioning of a house of representatives can vary greatly from country to country, and depends on whether a country has a parliamentary or a presidential system. Members of a house of representatives are typically apportioned according to population rather than geography.

The "House of Representatives" is the name of the lower house of parliament in the following countries:

In the following countries it is the sole chamber in a unicameral system:

In Indonesia, the Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat (DPR) is generally known in English as the "House of Representatives", as is the Dewan Rakyat of the Parliament of Malaysia. House of Representatives is the title of most, but not all, of the state legislatures of the States of the United States of America. Under apartheid, the House of Representatives was the house for South Africa's mixed race 'Coloured' community, in the tricameral parliament of 1984-1994.

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