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Henry I of Poland

 Henry the Bearded in a painting by Jan Matejko
Henry the Bearded in a painting by Jan Matejko

Henry I "the Bearded", Polish Henryk Brodaty (1163 - March 19, 1238) of the Silesian line of the Piast dynasty of rulers, was duke of Lower Silesia from 1201. He later on also became duke of Greater Poland from 1232 until his death and thereby senior prince of all Poland.

Born in Glogow (Glogau), Silesia, he married Hedwig of Andechs (Polish name Jadwiga). Their son, duke Henry II the Pious, was killed in battle against the Mongols at Legnica.

Henry I was the successor to duke Boleslaus the Long , who had received the ducal position following the intervention in a succession dispute in Poland by the Emperor Frederick I of the Holy Roman Empire in 1163.

Preceded by:
High-Duke of Poland Succeeded by:
Henry II

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