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Henry I, Duke of Brabant

Henry I of Brabant (also called Henri I de Brabant and Hendrik I van Brabant) was born in 1165 and died in the German city of Köln on September 5, 1235. He was Duke of Brabant (1190-1235) and Duke of Lorraine. He was the son of Godfrey III duke of Lorraine and count of Brabant and Margaret of Limburg .

He married Maud of Boulogne and Alsace (also called Maud of Flanders) in 1179.

Henri II de Brabant was born from his first marriage.

His second marriage was at April 22, 1213 in Soissons to Marie, princess of France, daughter of King Philip II of France.

Under Hendrik I, there was a town policy and town planning. Hendrik's attention went out to those regions that lent themselves for extension of his sovereignty and in some locations he used the creation of a new town as an instrument in the political organisation of the area. Among the towns to which the Duke gave city rights and trade privileges was 's-Hertogenbosch.

He was buried in St. Pieters cathedral at Leuven.

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Preceded by:
Godfrey III

Duke of Brabant

Succeeded by:
Henry II

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