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Heineken (or Heineken Brouwerijen) is a Dutch beer brewer, established in 1873, with more than 110 breweries in over 50 countries. Beer production is 9,000 million litres per year (9 GL/yr) (1999), ranking second in the world after Anheuser-Busch. After a later series of mergers among other brewers, Heineken now ranks fourth (after InBev, SABMiller, and Anheuser-Busch). Heineken is the number one imported beer in the United States.

The Heineken brewery is owner of brands like Heineken (5 percent), Amstel (5 percent) and Buckler (0.5 percent).

In the Netherlands the breweries are located in Zoeterwoude and 's-Hertogenbosch.

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