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Glengormley is a town located in the borough of Newtownabbey, bordering the north-western edge of Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Taking its name from the Irish Gaelic gleann gorm liath, meaning "the blue grey glen", the original settlement grew up around a junction of the road linking Belfast with Antrim and Ballyclare.

Famous inhabitants

  • Actor Stephen Boyd (1931-1977) - starred in Fantastic Voyage (1966) and some 50 other films (none of them blockbusters), born in Glengormley
  • Roy Mason - Irish painter who produced an acclaimed series of 'Troubles' paintings while a Glengormley resident.
  • Writer Padraic O'Fiacc lived in Glengormley
  • Derek Mahon - Irish poet who lived in Glengormley. One of his best-known poems is entitled "Glengormley".
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