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Glenda Jackson

Glenda Jackson (born May 9, 1936) is a British Oscar-winning actress and politician, currently Labour Member of Parliament for the constituency of Hampstead & Highgate in the London Borough of Camden.

She was born at Birkenhead near Liverpool, into a working-class family, and it is a well-known piece of trivia that she once worked in Boots the Chemist. Having studied acting at RADA, Jackson made her professional stage debut in Rattigan's Separate Tables in 1957 and her film debut in This Sporting Life in 1963.

Fame came with Jackson's starring role in the controversial Women in Love (1969) gaining her first Oscar, and another controversial role as Tchaikovsky's nymphomaniac wife in Ken Russell's The Music Lovers added to her image of being prepared to do almost anything for her art. She confirmed this by having her head shaved in order to play Queen Elizabeth I of England in the BBC's 1971 blockbuster serial, Elizabeth R. Having accumulated a second Oscar for her role in A Touch of Class (1973), she also portrayed Queen Elizabeth on a film about the life of Mary, Queen of Scots and been recognised as one of Britain's leading actresses, she abandoned her acting career in 1992 in order to become a Labour MP, representing the Hampstead & Highgate constituency where she is seldom seen. She served for a while as a junior minister in the British government, responsible for London Transport, then resigned to make a failed attempt to win the Labour nomination for the post of Mayor of London after Tony Blair's controversial attempts to impose his favoured candidate, Frank Dobson on the part.

As a low profile Backbencher she has become a regular critic of Blair over his plans to introduce top-up fees, she also called for him to resign following the Judicial Enquiry by Lord Hutton in 2003 surrounding the reasons for going to war in Iraq and the death of government adviser Dr. David Kelly.


Year Title Character
1963 The Sporting Life Bit part
1967 Marat/Sade Charlotte Corday
1968 Tell Me Lies Guest
1968 Let's Murder Vivaldi (TV) Julie
1968 Negatives Vivien
1969 Women in Love Gudrun Brangwen
1969 Salve Regina (TV) Marina Palek
1970 Howards End (TV)  
1970 The Music Lovers Nina (Antonina Milyukova)
1971 Sunday Bloody Sunday Alex Greville
1971 The Boy Friend Rita
1971 Mary, Queen of Scots Queen Elizabeth I
1971 "Elizabeth R" (mini) TV Series Queen Elizabeth I
1972 The Triple Echo Alice
1973 A Touch of Class Vicki Allessio
1973 A Bequest to the Nation Lady Hamilton
1974 The Maids Solange
1975 The Romantic Englishwoman . Elizabeth Fielding
1975 Il Sorriso del grande tentatore Sister Geraldine
1975 Hedda Hedda Gabler
1976 The Incredible Sarah Sarah Bernhardt
1977 Nasty Habits Sister Alexandra
1978 House Calls . Ann Atkinson
1978 Stevie Stevie Smith
1978 The Class of Miss MacMichael Conor MacMichael
1979 Lost and Found Tricia
1980 Hopscotch Isobel von Schonenberg
1981 The Patricia Neal Story (TV) Patricia Neal
1982 HealtH Isabella Garnell
1982 The Return of the Soldier Margaret Grey
1982 Giro City Sophie
1984 Sakharov (TV) Yelena Bonner (Sakharova)
1985 Turtle Diary Neaera Duncan
1987 Beyond Therapy Charlotte
1987 Business as Usual Babs Flynn
1988 Strange Interlude (TV) Nina Leeds
1988 Salome's Last Dance Herodias/Lady Alice
1989 The Rainbow Anna Brangwen
1989 King of the Wind Queen Caroline
1989 Doombeach Miss
1990 T-Bag's Christmas Ding Dong (TV) Vanity Bag
1990 The Real Story of Humpty Dumpty Glitch the Witch (voice)
1991 The House of Bernarda Alba (TV) Bernarda Alba
1991 A Murder of Quality (TV) Ailsa Brimley
1992 The Secret Life of Arnold Bax (TV) Harriet Cohen
1994 (TV) Alexandra Kollontai (voice)

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